New Camera!

Yeh! And its a little beauty too.  So pleased with what it can do - not that I will make the fullest use of it all, but at least the various features are there if I need them.  Now onto the serious stuff!

Its been a rather hectic few weeks once again, but managed to get all done that needed to get done - in all areas of my life :))

This lovely quilt was made by Mary - the front and the back are the same pattern, just different colours.  It is quilted with a pale green on both the back and the front - pattern is from Hermione's range.     This is the front.
And this is the back. 
Mary had put a flange on both sides of the quilt - just something different from the usual! (in green near the border)
The next quilt was made by Margaret and is going to a lucky young man!  Quilted with black top and bottom thread and pattern, Hearts Abound Sash.
The back of Margaret's quilt. 
It was my brothers birthday today - and he's mad on planes so he got this one!  This was quilted in blue top and bottom and pattern is Cloud 1.
I used what I had left for the backing. 
 Well, back to the grindstone!

Quilting keeps you warm!

....well, thats my theory anyway! LOL
Unfortunately, I think my camera is playing up cos some of these pics are not that clear - so I apologise for that!
The Christmas Panel belongs to Jean, who just loves Christmas by the way! I just did a bit of freehand quilting in a gold coloured thread here and there to add a bit of zest and keep the layers together.
The next one is also Jeans.  It is a friendship quilt and is based on a Dutch theme (can you tell????)  I quilted it with a tulip pattern on random parts of the quilt in white thread.
This lovely braided pattern is Kerrys.  A bit of a beginner quilter who has been doing the craft for a couple of years - so a good effort to make this quilt!
The pattern quilted is Entwine with a purpley variegated thread on top.
 This is one of Margaret B's quilts.  I believe for a young person in the family!  I did a swirly pattern in a blue/green variegated thread.
 The backing was four pieces of leftovers - great way to use the extra fabric up.
Another of Margaret B's quilts.  Looks almost like a caramely sundae!  This is quilted with a Peonie pattern and a two tone cream thread on top.
You cant see the quilting on the back of this one, as I used a gold thread and it blended so well it dissappeared!!! LOL
Well, off to bed I must go - get my beauty sleep again! See you all next time.

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