Edge to Edge Continuous Quilting (Pantographs) from $4.60 per square foot
Stippling from $5.50 per square foot

Machine Basting for hand quilters $1.80 per square foot
Borders $22.00 each
Quilt set up preparation $24.00 per hour
Includes cutting threads, ironing, trimming, centering pieced
backings and stay stitching if required
Minimum charge per quilt $60.00
Mini Jumbuck 2.4m wide $23.00 per metre
Matildas Own 100% Cotton Wadding 2.4m wide $24.00 per metre
Matildas Own Charcoal 60% Wool 40% Polyester Wadding 2.4m wide $20.00 per metre
O'Sew Soft 100% Poly 2.4m wide $16.65 per metre

Tildafix Iron Paper backed fusible web $15.00 per metre
Mail order is acceptable - just send a picture of your quilt and
measurements with a choice or idea of pattern and I can give
you an estimate which can be confirmed on receipt of your quilt.
Registered Mail with Australia Post is a good idea for sending
quilts around the country.
Post and Packaging will be added but there is no handling fee.
Piecing of backing or wadding $22.00 per foot
Binding of quilt ready for you to hand sew $1.20 per foot
Me to hand sew binding $1.50 per foot
Special Threads eg Metallics P.O.A
An Example of the how to work out what it might cost
Measure your quilt top through the centre from top to bottom to
get the length.
Measure your quilt top through the centre from side to side to
get the width.
Then calculate using the formula below.
Example only - 60" x 80" = 4800 square inches
4800 square inches divided by 144 = 33.33 square feet
33.33 square feet x $4.00 = $132.30
Pre-requisites needed for your quilt

If you are supplying the backing and wadding - it needs to be at
least 3" larger than the tip of the quilt on all sides. This allows
for loading into the machine.
All threads need to be trimmed from the front and back of the
quilt top and all seams to be ironed flat - this applies to any
pieced backing.
Mark the top of the quilt with a pin or tag.
There is no need to pin your layers together as they will need
to be undone before putting through my machine.

Half way through January already!

Just where does the time go??

Well, this is where some of my time went so far this year (and toward the end of last year) There has been a run on Grandmother Flower Garden Quilts - due to the fact that we (Thursday Crafties) did a friendship block swap with this pattern. Amazing the difference in the quilts according to the colour backgrounds used.

This is Jeans Garden. Front and Back.Pats Garden front.Lorraines Garden front.All gardens had different quilting pantos done on them.

The next quilt was a plain beige front and slightly darker back. A floral panto covered this quilt.A lovely Dresden Plate Quilt. Loved the different colour plates and the sashing is a great compliment. A swirl panto on the center of the quilt.
A feather pattern was used on the border.A cute little lap quilt - Hummingbird and dragonflies panto done on this quilt. This quilting pattern suits many quilts and is very popular.
Back of 'The Secrets of Life'.This lovely Brown and Blue toned quilted with an arabesque pattern.
The colour of the back is chocolate two toned even though it looks rather pink here :(
This quilt was made for a group members daughters 21st (we were rather late in getting it done and handed over)! Purple and gold was the order of the day, disappearing nine patch the pattern.This little cute quilt was quilted with a small leafed feather pattern going down the quilt rather than across to add a bit of dimension to the quilt.
Back showing feather panto.
This quilt was done by Glenice - the pattern was Florabunda by Erin Russek. The centre panel was echo quilted with the outer being done in the popular Hummingbird and dragonfly panto.
Well, must go to bed and get some beauty sleep - gosh might be there a while!!!

Happy New Year to you all!!

May 2012 be a happy, healthy and great year for everyone!

The end of the year kept me a bit busy - what with the Christmas family dinner and festivities to attend along with some quilts that needed to be put on the machine :)

This lovely bright quilt by Kerry was a little different from the usual quilts that come my way. It had a lot of stitchery and painted bits as well as some "bling" which added to the colour. I quilted it with the popular dragonfly & hummingbird pattern.
Another bright quilt - this time by Anne.

Another of Annes quilts - a nice mish mash of blues and golds.

Till next time, stay safe and be happy!

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