Edge to Edge Continuous Quilting (Pantographs) from $4.60 per square foot
Stippling from $5.50 per square foot

Machine Basting for hand quilters $1.80 per square foot
Borders $22.00 each
Quilt set up preparation $24.00 per hour
Includes cutting threads, ironing, trimming, centering pieced
backings and stay stitching if required
Minimum charge per quilt $60.00
Mini Jumbuck 2.4m wide $23.00 per metre
Matildas Own 100% Cotton Wadding 2.4m wide $24.00 per metre
Matildas Own Charcoal 60% Wool 40% Polyester Wadding 2.4m wide $20.00 per metre
O'Sew Soft 100% Poly 2.4m wide $16.65 per metre

Tildafix Iron Paper backed fusible web $15.00 per metre
Mail order is acceptable - just send a picture of your quilt and
measurements with a choice or idea of pattern and I can give
you an estimate which can be confirmed on receipt of your quilt.
Registered Mail with Australia Post is a good idea for sending
quilts around the country.
Post and Packaging will be added but there is no handling fee.
Piecing of backing or wadding $22.00 per foot
Binding of quilt ready for you to hand sew $1.20 per foot
Me to hand sew binding $1.50 per foot
Special Threads eg Metallics P.O.A
An Example of the how to work out what it might cost
Measure your quilt top through the centre from top to bottom to
get the length.
Measure your quilt top through the centre from side to side to
get the width.
Then calculate using the formula below.
Example only - 60" x 80" = 4800 square inches
4800 square inches divided by 144 = 33.33 square feet
33.33 square feet x $4.00 = $132.30
Pre-requisites needed for your quilt

If you are supplying the backing and wadding - it needs to be at
least 3" larger than the tip of the quilt on all sides. This allows
for loading into the machine.
All threads need to be trimmed from the front and back of the
quilt top and all seams to be ironed flat - this applies to any
pieced backing.
Mark the top of the quilt with a pin or tag.
There is no need to pin your layers together as they will need
to be undone before putting through my machine.


After a two month break in Britain, work was waiting and so busy are the fingers! Here are a few that were done just prior to going away.

Kay's Red Stitchery
This quilt was a bit different from other quilts that I have done - Indian Satin on the front and border and backed with a cotton. Straight lines only in 9.5" squares. Turned out rather nice.Dorothy's Great Grandsons Truck Quilt.Another little one from Dorothy - a table runner this time.The back is a pattern with the Eiffel Tower and the top has a French theme, so I quilted the Fleur-de-lis.
This is one of Lorraine's quilts for a baby - going off to the other side of the world - the quilt, not the baby :)Quilted in a variegated cotton on the bottom and Monopoly on top.

The latest to come off the machine.

Double Irish Chain Quilt by Kay. Quilted with a celtic knot pattern in the centre and straight stitching across the chains.

A customer wanted a black and white quilt for a new grandson and it just happened that the latest Homespun arrived with a pattern of a quilt that I thought would suit. This is Spinning Wheel Ride by Roslyn Mirrington of Bloom. I changed the pattern a little and the end result delighted the customer!
I quilted it with double spirals as a panto.

Where has the time gone?

Well, some of it has gone on quilting!! Now that would be surprise to some of you out there??? I don't think so :) The rest of the time... I think has just been eaten up by the ether! Anyway, the following pics are of some of the recent quilts that came along my way to be quilted. I hope you enjoy looking at them all and get some inspiration.

Kay's Starry QuiltVarious sizes of the same quilt pattern were used on the main part of the quilt.Another one of Kay's beautiful quilts.
This colourful quilt was made by Kerry - one of her first! Great job Kerry.
The back shows the lotus flower pattern that was used.
Another of Kerry's quilts. Once again nice and bright and a job well done by Kerry.
One of my favourite patterns that fits so many quilts and suits being small in pattern size or large - the dragonfly and hummingbird pattern.
Jennifer's Bee quilt. Cute little rug for Jennifer's Grandson.
This quilt was made by Claire for her cousin in the UK who is going through a bout of treatment for cancer. Beautiful colours and pattern and well put together.The pattern used for quilting was a hearty leaf.
This bargello by Trudy is a testimony to patience! Fabulously put together and the colours are superb.A paper pieced hexagon quilt by Katrina. Custom quilted but kept simple so as not to take away from the piecing.The border was quilted with a flower pattern to enhance the Flower Garden.A cute lap quilt by Meagan. Very simple but very effective. Quilted with a feather pattern.Another of Meagan's Lap quilts - this was done with chenille and cotton and quilted with tumbling teddies.
A Civil War quilt made by Lorraine - fabulous work as always Lorraine! Quilted with the baptist fan pattern.This quilt came down from the country and is a real country looking quilt. Made by Sarah while waiting for her baby to come along into this world. It was quilted with a horses head pattern.The back of the horse pattern quilt.A colourful quilt by Therese for her unborn grandchild! What a wonderful colour and pattern for a baby. Once again, tumbling teddies in orange!An Irish Chain quilt all sewn by hand and given to my friend who passed it on to be quilted. I used swirly feathers for this one.The back is as usable as the front on the bed!
Another hexagon quilt made by Jean this time. Once again custom quilted in a simple manner.This quilt took Katrina a while to make and a while to quilt! Custom lines round each block kept it simple but effective.Jenny made this lovely bright quilt for her grandson. Just needs the eyes to be added and of course the binding!His name is Domenic - which was quilted using one of the old fashioned alphabet patterns. (Close up of a couple of the letters)
Well folks, thats all for now - off to bed and early to rise! Gets the quilter in the mood to use her eyes! LOL

Quilts, quilts and more quilts!

This quilt was made for my friend Roby. It is hand appliqued and then machine pieced and quilted. While it looks small in the picture, it is actually a queen size quilt!Marys Jewel Quilt. This was a first attempt by Mary - job well done! Love the colour co-ordinations. Quilted in the ditch and 1/4" all around each square.This quilt was made by Margaret who had been on a trip to New Zealand and had purchased some lovely pieces of fabric that are very well blended together in a fab quilt! The pattern is custom - to try to emulate the New Zealand Silver Fern and blend the whole lot together.Back of the quilt.
Margaret's Asian Fancy. Quilted with and edge to edge panto.Claire's Country Sunflower Quilt. This quilt has been quilted to suit the country applique as a custom pattern.I made this quilt from a pattern on the web called Trade Winds. It was a jelly roll and a great pattern to make up. My friend Maxine received it for her birthday as she is often 'blowing' around the world travelling.This is a very colourful quilt was a delight to quilt. It is nice to look at different blocks on the quilt journey. It was quilted with a star edge to edge panto. Cheryl's Blue Log Cabin. Quilted with a easy flow swirly panto.
Back of Log Cabin.Destinee is a friends grand daughter so the quilt was made for them to celebrate her first birthday. The pattern is my rendition from Love Birds by Dont Look Now.
My friend Jean, has several of these door quilts ready to be quilted in time for Christmas (!) It was quilted freehand to represent and enhance the leaves on the trees. Some Hot Jewels were dotted around the quilt for an uplifting effect.
Lynne made this beautiful quilt from the Florabunda pattern that was on Erin Russeks website last year. It was then quilted with a panto of dragonfly's and hummingbirds.
This lovely quilt was a first attempt by Bev - who is self taught to by the way! It was for her grand daughter who is only a baby. It was quilted with a mix of panto and freehand.This footy quilt was made for a young girl down the road to me. It was quilted with a football panto.Good Australian Holden's!!! Great quilt for a little boy. A large meander pattern done on this one.Another quilt done from Dont Look Now pattern of Love Birds. Quilted with a filler and freehand quilting. Lorraine's Gardeners Journal Quilt - once again quilted with a panto of dragonfly's and humming birds.
Well....I guess thats enough for you all to peruse for till next time - happy sewing!

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